SePi »

SePi (Sessions on Pi) is a concurrent, message-passing programming language based on the pi-calculus and featuring session types.

Mool »

Mool is a mini object-oriented language in a Java-like style with support for concurrency, that allows programmers to specify class usage protocols as types.

FreeST »

FreeST is a concurrent programming language based on a core functional languages and featuring context-free session types.

SGBisim »

A tool to check whether two words are bisimilar according to a given grammar

CFSTEquiv »

A tool to check the equivalence of two context-free session types

Tsallis »

Calculator for the Conditional Tsallis Entropies proposed in the literature.

HeadREST »

HeadREST is a specification language for RESTful APIs.

Unst »

A unification algorithm for systems of equations on session types with dualof.

Dol »

DOL is an imperative object-oriented programming language featuring a dependent type system based on index refinements.

ParTypes »

ParTypes is a toolchain for validating Message Passing Interface (MPI) programs.