A Data Manipulation Language for Heterogeneous Environments.

João Costa Seco

FCT / Universidade Nova de Lisboa


One key aspect of data-centric applications is the manipulation of persistent data repositories, which is moving fast from querying a centralized relational database to the ad-hoc combination of constellations of data sources. Query languages are being typefuly integrated in host, general purpose, languages in order to increase reasoning and optimizing capabilities of interpreters and compilers. However, not much is being done to integrate and orchestrate different and separate sources of data.

We present a common data manipulation language, that abstracts the nature and localization of the data-sources. We define its semantics and a type directed compilation, query optimization, and query orchestration mechanism to be used in development tools for heterogeneous environments. We provide type safety and language integration. Our approach is also suitable for an interactive query construction environment by rich user interfaces that provide immediate feedback on data manipulation operations. This approach is currently the base for the data layer of a development platform for mobile and web applications.

(joint work with Paulo Ferreira and Hugo Lourenço, OutSystems SA)

Wednesday, December 2 2015