Download and Installation

QUEST Plug-in Instalation procedures

In this page you find information on:

  • the requirements to run QUEST Plug-in;
  • how to install the QUEST Plug-in;


To start using QUEST Plug-in you will need:

  • Download Java 1.6 (or higher) from here.

    After that, follow the Java specific installation procedure;

  • Download the Eclipse IDE Juno or Kepler from here.

    After that, follow the Eclipse specific installation procedure described here.

Important Information:

  • Locate the Eclipse directory on a directory path with no spaces.

  • The plug-in does not work with more recent versions of Eclipse (eg., Luna or Mars).

  • The plug-in makes use of the console javac command, so make sure you have it available (use the command java -version to get the version).

  • The build path of your ConGu projects should include the JRE for that same version of Java.

  • Eclipse should be running with the same version of Java. Hence, users with Mac OS running Java 7 or later, if asked to install Java 6 to run Eclipse Juno or Kepler, should start Eclipse application with the command line.

Installing QUEST Plug-in

  • In Eclipse go to the Help Menu → Install New Software...

  • Just drag and drop the icon to the install window (for instance, drop it at the big white area in the middle of the window).

    Note: If the drag and drop is not working (for instance in Ubunto) copy the update site link to the work with field and press Enter.

  • Select QUEST and unselect the "Contact all update sites during install to find the required software" option (the last in the screen).

  • Note: Sometimes appears the message "There are no categorized items", to continue with the installation unselect the option "Group items by category".

  • Press the Next button and follow the installation instructions. Also, trust us and accept the unsigned plugin.

  • Restart Eclipse. The installation is now complete.