Erlang multicore applications

Wojciech Turek

AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland


The development of multi-core architectures is incredibly fast and multicore CPUs can be found nowadays not only
in supercomputers, but also in ordinary laptops or even phones. Efficient use of multicore architectures requires applying suitable languages and technologies, like Erlang.
Its concurrency model, based on lightweight processes and asynchronous message-passing, seems very well suited for running massively
concurrent code on many cores. Most of existing Erlang industrial applications are deployed on computers with up to 24 CPU cores, and
there are hardly any reports on using Erlang on architectures exceeding 32 cores. We present our experiences with scaling a
computationally-intensive applications in Erlang up to 64 cores, using as examples global optimization and urban traffic planning problems.

Thursday, June 4 2015